AI as an elemental part to create more targeted advertising on Facebook

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Facebook’s technology company recently announced that its company META will use artificial intelligence to create highly targeted advertising.

Targeted advertising uses demographic, behavioral, and other information you provide to us so that we can personalize the ads that are shown to each user. For example, a company that sells dog products might use Facebook data to show pet food ads to people with pets, while parents with babies might see ads for diapers.

AI will improve the accuracy and effectiveness of this advertising technique. Analyzing the data of each user to identify patterns and preferences. It will then use this information to create ads that are more relevant and engaging to each person.

In addition, it will analyze the visual and text elements of each ad to be able to identify those that work better depending on each audience. In this way, companies that use the Meta advertising platform will be able to create more effective and attractive ads for their target audience.

It will also allow you to detect and remove ads that may be considered misleading or inappropriate. Using machine learning techniques, the AI will analyze the ads to identify those that violate the advertising policies of the platform. In this way, Meta will be able to maintain a safer and more reliable advertising environment for users.

La Inteligencia Artificial será una herramienta clave para Meta y su esfuerzo por mejorar la calidad y la eficacia de la publicidad en sus plataformas. 

Fuente de referencia: Merca 2.0. (2022, 28 de marzo). Meta usará IA para crear publicidad segmentada. Merca 2.0.

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