Bad service, the business killer

Mal servicio
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Let’s start by recognizing that poor service is the Achilles heel of most businesses in Sonora; we live it every day and we complain about it, but what are we doing to change it? This, unfortunately, is such a common practice in establishments where products or services are offered, that it seems that, out of habit, we should already be used to receiving it; however, we are increasingly insistent on the demand for good service, regardless of the sector in question.

It is essential, first of all, that the business owner is aware of the enormous importance of offering an efficient and differentiated service to his clients and visitors, which can mean the success or failure of his establishment, in addition to having a good product. , obviously. Secondly, there must be a well-defined profile of the people to hire who will have the final contact with the client, train them for this purpose and find a way to guide and inspire them through incentives and other strategies so that they commit to the results of the company: if they are satisfactory, they benefit both the client and the employee, and therefore the brand they represent.

The subject is complex if we analyze it from different perspectives, because there are factors that go beyond the correct selection and training of personnel: we are talking about the clarity that each employee must have of the product they offer and the preferences of their client, their functions in the company, their perceptions, their benefits, the supervision that is carried out on their activities as well as the sanctions that are applied for non-compliance, among others. Hence the importance that business owners should give to this area.

As a publicist, I have sometimes faced the frustration of businessmen because the advertising campaigns that are carried out do not have a direct impact on their return on investment, without analyzing the rest of the variants that are involved in this issue and that are the ones that finally determine the purchase decision of customers.

Our recommendation is that in order to achieve effective communication between the team that has direct contact with the client and the marketing team behind the brand, an internal marketing campaign must first be carried out: Guide and motivate employees to work as a team with the goal of customer satisfaction.

The planning of sales strategies must be done to get everyone in the organization to focus on the customer, implementing interactive marketing; where the quality of the service is directly proportional to the quality of the interaction between the buyer and the seller.

A good interaction depends as much on the skills of the employees who provide the service as on the product they offer and the support processes that support them, which includes, of course, advertising strategies. Constant communication through different internal channels between the teams of each area of the companies about the specific objectives, and the way they are intended to be achieved in order to be in tune, is essential.

Entrepreneurs must focus their attention both on their customers and on their sales employees, establishing with the latter a true commitment to results and fulfilling it; You have to “put yourself in the shoes” of both to know how you want to be treated.

Guadalupe Zúniga Elizalde Managing partner of Digitocreativo Publicidad and president of the Sonoran Advertising Association A. C. email:

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