Ethics in digital times

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Talking about ethics in this digital age would seem out of time, but it is an extremely relevant topic in a context where so much “Fake news” proliferates on the web, and considering that we currently live simultaneously with five generations so different from each other, where half Most of them are not used to this term or are simply unaware of it.

Let’s start, for example, talking about honesty and veracity: It is extremely important for all brands to focus their advertising on true facts and data; Consistency between what is offered and what the customer will receive is essential so that you are perceived as a trustworthy brand and can create positive experiences of your products or services. Remember that your own consumers, and sometimes even your competition, can use the web to highlight your mistakes and create smear campaigns against you.

Your brand must be consistent with its own values and never directly or indirectly denigrate a competitor’s products, services or concepts, much less copy their advertising ideas. This constitutes not only the lack of professional honor of the advertising task, but it can weaken the trust of your client with your brand. If you compare yourself with your competition in your communication strategies, it must be fairly and based on verifiable and reliable facts, preventing said comparison from misleading the consumer.

The way we communicate has changed, society itself is constantly evolving and there is so much “noise” on the networks that people’s criteria and purchasing decisions are often influenced by false information, hence the importance of directing our communication message always with the truth; with respect and dignity, avoiding content that incites violence; refrain from discriminatory comments for reasons of social or economic condition, nationality, gender, religion, political preference, sexual orientation, physical characteristics or different abilities. Claiming the values of equality and the inclusion of all, can be the big difference so that a person can recommend your brand and create loyalty ties with it.

The promotion of health, well-being and care for the environment must be mandatory for all brands; not only pretending that you do it with purposeful messages and in tune with what others say, but with a true commitment and with facts that support you; if you don’t have them, it’s better not to mention them… count on the fact that surely someone will notice it and it can be counterproductive for your advertising objectives. It is essential for all companies to work on this issue with precise actions, because consumers increasingly seek and investigate what is behind the brands to decide their purchase.

Advertising should not be annoying and disrupt people’s lives. Advertisers must offer quality content that reflects the real values of brands, in order to have a direct, honest, binding and emotionally close connection with the consumer. That is where the success lies, whether or not you can have a campaign.

Guadalupe Zúniga Elizalde Managing partner of Digitocreativo Publicidad and president of the Sonoran Advertising Association A. C. email:

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