How to sell on Instagram?

como vender por instagram
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Hi, I’m Luiana Rodríguez Márquez, designer, community manager and some call me an influencer. I don’t like that term so much, I would call myself more a blogger who shares her ideas and what she likes, an entrepreneurial woman who loves sales.

She’ll leave you here my Instagram in case you want to go and give you an idea of what we’ll talk about.

If you already know me, I’m glad you’re reading me!

If you have a business and want to start somewhere, let me confirm that yes, if you are in the right article.

Today I want to leave some advice for people who are starting their business and who want to implement a way of selling through networks, since it is definitely what it is today.

I will not talk about having your physical store and making web pages, or using the platform store, because we are going to start somewhere, the joke is to start.

Instagram is an amazing platform for getting noticed.

I love the first point because we will talk about how to connect with your audience. Do not forget that nobody likes to be sold “always”, so I recommend that if you have a page only for your brand, always talk about interesting topics, something that has to do with it, my platform helps me to be myself, but I also connect with women who love what I do and who are interested in purchasing a product that I share with them.
Make quality content. And even if it sounds very hackneyed, you should see what is trending. If Reels become fashionable today, start doing them, and if tomorrow you must do a Live and talk about what you sell, do it, never stop learning and creating new things. Today is Instagram tomorrow maybe another platform.
Identify well who your audience is and invest in your publications. You don’t need a lot of money to start, but do it! Instagram is an amazing platform that will tell you which people view you, from which cities, ages, etc. All the information is at hand.
Upload something every day. Do not let them forget that you are there and that you will be there whenever they need your products. I suggest you use the stories for this, in the feed you can plan the photos little by little and harmonize with colors to make it look cute.
Use the Highlights. It is the way in which your clients will be able to quickly know everything that you are offering them in a comfortable way.
Make collaborations with people who already have followers on this social network, who connect with your audience and your brand. I do it and I will continue to do it. Today a real opinion is worth more than any publicity.
Giveaways, so common and so good. Plan a gift for your followers from time to time, that makes them feel special.
And do not forget to plan the logistics of the orders, an order that you must respect and establish your payment methods.
I will leave you this phrase “You are not selling a product, you are offering a lifestyle.” If you really want to have a successful online business, when it comes to having a product, it’s not about selling it, it’s about offering a solution that fills a need in people’s lives.

It’s about enveloping them in a world that you created for them through your brand. Consider that Nike doesn’t sell sportswear, Pandora doesn’t sell jewelry, Sephora doesn’t sell makeup, and Voss doesn’t sell water. What do they sell then?

More than selling, they offer a lifestyle, an experience.

What experience do you offer with your product?

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