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AI as an elemental part to create more targeted advertising on Facebook

Facebook’s technology company recently announced that its company META will use artificial intelligence to create highly targeted advertising. Targeted advertising uses demographic, behavioral, and other information you provide to us so that we can personalize the ads that are shown to each user. For example, a company that sells dog products might use Facebook data …

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E-commerce trends 2023

digitocreativo mayo 28, 2023 10:49 pm We know that e-commerce has been in constant evolution in recent years and 2023 will not be the exception. As always there are some exciting trends that we can’t wait to see how they unfold. In this blog, we tell you about some of the most interesting trends that …

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How much to invest in advertising projects?

We in advertising agencies commonly refer to any investment in advertising projects as an opportunity to deliver value and a tangible result that will bring economic benefits and improve the brand identity of our clients. Although uncomfortable questions always arise: In which area do we give more focus to our investment? Which investment generates the …

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nueva normalidad

New normal for “new customers”?

Estamos claros que tarde o temprano todos los sectores económicos de México estaremos reanudando actividades dentro de los esquemas de la llamada “Nueva Normalidad”, que, por decreto, los gobiernos están implementando acorde a sus estrategias. Muchas empresas de servicios, comercios, escuelas y restaurantes, entre otros, se están preparando para el regreso con medidas para privilegiar …

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How to deal with bad comments

We know that social networks are one of the most important marketing channels for companies to connect and interact with their customers. This close communication represents a great advantage if you have a good digital positioning strategy; However, it also carries its risks… The “blessed social networks” were created as a space to promote freedom …

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