How much to invest in advertising projects?

We in advertising agencies commonly refer to any investment in advertising projects as an opportunity to deliver value and a tangible result that will bring economic benefits and improve the brand identity of our clients. Although uncomfortable questions always arise: In which area do we give more focus to our investment? Which investment generates the […]

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How to deal with bad comments

We know that social networks are one of the most important marketing channels for companies to connect and interact with their customers. This close communication represents a great advantage if you have a good digital positioning strategy; However, it also carries its risks… The “blessed social networks” were created as a space to promote freedom

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Sexist advertising. A habit?

Let us first identify what is called sexist advertising as “any that presents facts, symbols and expressions based on stereotypes of gender roles that associate denigrating characteristics, exclusion, submission, racism, mockery, hostility or any other form of discrimination towards the female gender”. In the 50s and 60s, when the big advertising campaigns began, it was

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